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Any of these things can be tied with partnerships during this time. This can also be a time when shared beliefs, interests, and ideologies are a focal point in a close relationship.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

For many of you, you are attracting people who want to help, who are on your side, and who take a strong interest in you. Potential negatives: You may be attracting partners who are more concerned with freedom than with pairing, or who seem to be quite extravagant or full of themselves. However, for the most part, you are likely to enjoy an improved social life during this cycle. This can be a time for enjoying alternative or extra-curricular activities with a partner or for connecting with someone significant through mind-expanding experiences or non-routine activities.

February Monthly Horoscope

Another influence from April to November is powerful for making alliances. From December 19th onward , there is a wonderful, refreshing new focus on your private world or intimate life — a possible deepening of a relationship, or an increased understanding of your inner workings. This can be a boost in your relationship with yourself! Your intimate life enlarges and expands, bringing you more joy and new discoveries.

Welcome to Pisces season!

During this cycle, you learn to embrace inner change in order to feel more empowered. Conversations are deep and lead to fruitful discoveries. Sexuality is richer.

These things can be related to your work, routines, or health pursuits since Jupiter rules these things in your solar chart. There may be a metamorphosis of sorts related to your job. Or, the work you do can transform your lifestyle in a major way.

Cancer 2020 Year Ahead Horoscope

This is a period when you can quite successfully purge yourself of some of your inner demons, guilt, and buried psychological problems. While there can be some reality checks at times during this cycle, December is particularly powerful for self-discipline and getting things sorted in these areas of life. Interestingly, while these areas of life are set to expand, a concurrent influence as you will read in the section below contracts the very same life departments. There are always areas of life that require more simplicity. Tests may be part of the picture as you learn that life with only growth and expansion can run away with itself.

There may be tests of sorts in these areas of life as if the universe is checking that the foundations are strong. Things built on weak foundations may very well crack under the pressure of these tests. Those that are strong will endure and strengthen. This influence is with you on and off until near the end of the year It can be felt most strongly earlier or later in the cycle, depending on whether you were born earlier or later in the sign of Cancer. This year, those born with a Cancer Ascendant of 21 to 30 degrees, and those born from July , are most directly affected.

For those of you who are in committed partnerships, there can be some strains on your bond during this cycle. A partner might also seem cautious, distant, critical, or defensive. You need to open your mind to the possibility that a partner is providing you with important life lessons — about traditions, simplifying your life, and responsibilities. Take your time on this one. If, however, a partner is challenging you to the point of breaking, then steps need to be taken to improve the situation. Some of you might begin one but will do so quite cautiously and carefully.

This can be a make or break period for many of you. Those of you who are single might nevertheless feel some angst or pressure. This lack in your life might suddenly seem magnified, like a gaping hole. Feelings of loneliness may run deep this year, but the universe is sending you a message through this experience regardless. It is awakening you to a need.

2020 Horoscope

In time, you will find ways to satisfy this need. Those who are single and wanting to stay that way can nevertheless find this period difficult because others seem more withholding or people in your life seem to be blocking your initiatives or non-supportive for the time being. Some of you could be making a commitment this year. This is a time when you may be seeing the less flattering side of others, and through your relationships, of yourself as well!

Table of Mercury Retrograde Dates to Year 2030

Some areas of your life may seem to be breaking down before they get better. There can also be bone and teeth problems — something that often happens with hard Saturn transits. Tidy and organize your life as much as possible in order to minimize the challenges. Seek ways to balance your life in terms of pleasures and responsibilities. The benefits of this transit are great, even if they sometimes feel slow to make themselves known!

Incidentally, the last time this theme occurred was from This helps you really get things sorted this year. In January o , Saturn meets Pluto in this area of your chart, presenting a powerful time for breaking something down and rebuilding anew. Something needs to change! This influence is only just getting started this year. Saturn will transit this area of your chart until March This transit is felt more strongly earlier or later in the cycle, depending on whether you were born earlier or later in the sign of Cancer.

Tests can come to your financial and intimate worlds during this cycle. You may be dealing with fears of surrendering yourself, emotionally or financially, to others. Support from others may not be as forthcoming as it has been in the past. This requires you to assume more independence in terms of making a living. Emotionally, there can be a feeling that others are not as supportive.

The moon is in fellow water sign Cancer today, inspiring a flirtatious mood despite some tensions taking place in your social life. Darling Venus connects with taskmaster Saturn, creating a supportive energy for having serious conversations. Tension between your private life and public life arrives today, Aries, but you're entitled to take a step back and give yourself a break.

Conversations about plans and commitments flow as lovely Venus connects with the planet of responsibility, Saturn.

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Your ruling planet Venus connects with taskmaster Saturn, encouraging a supportive energy as you have conversations about boundaries, commitments, and standards. The moon in soft Cancer opposes tough Saturn and power planet Pluto, so the pressure is on—but gentle vibes also flow as the moon connects with sweet Venus and dreamy Neptune. You're stressing about money as the moon in Cancer opposes taskmaster Saturn and power planet Pluto.

However, creative energy flows and you're doing a job well done as the moon connects with sweet Venus and dreamy Neptune. It's a great day to discuss boundaries and commitments as Venus connects with Saturn, and to cut off something that is no longer serving you. It's an intense day for your partnerships as the moon in your sign opposes taskmaster Saturn and power planet Pluto.

However, gentle vibes flow as sweet Venus and dreamy Neptune connects with the moon.

Sun enters Sagittarius

Solid conversations about commitments and standards take place as Venus and Saturn connect. Your intuition is sharp but your energy is low as the moon in Cancer busily connects with many planets in the sky today—be gentle with yourself and don't over-do it with work. It's an effective day to discuss plans as sweet Venus connects with taskmaster Saturn.

It's a busy day for your social life as the moon moves through Cancer—you're not exactly in the mood to party, but it's still a powerful time to share ideas and communicate. Sweet Venus connects with taskmaster Saturn, encouraging a supportive energy for discussing standards and commitments. What's in the stars for you in October?

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